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  • P3 Spring Fling (May 2024)
    Starts: May 16th
    Ends: May 19th
    Location: Perris, CA
    Registration Status:
    OPEN (2023-08-23)
  • P3 Power Play (June 2024)
    Starts: June 27th
    Ends: June 30th
    Location: Perris, CA
    Registration Status:
    OPEN (2023-08-26)
  • The Games 2024
    Starts: October 9th
    Ends: October 12th
    Location: Perris, CA
    Registration Status:
    OPEN (2024-01-06)

Above All Else


Course Description: Large formation records and intricate big way formations take more than individual flying skill. They require a plan that coordinates every detail of the jump from exit to exit-frame, to quadrant, to stadium, to radial, to approach, to the slots, to the build, to break off. It also takes the situational awareness and decision-making skills necessary to handle things when they don't go exactly to plan. This requires experience which can't be gained in a tunnel or during competitive team training. It can only be learned by getting thrown in the air with around a hundred jumpers and doing it. The P3 100-Way Camp is your chance to do just that. It is also the perfect event for world record holders and experienced big way jumpers to hone their skills and fly slots they may not often have the chance to on record jumps.

The minimum skill requirement to join the 100-Way Camp is having demonstrated the ability to safely, successfully, and consistently fly in several different slots on jumps in the 50-way range. Coming to the P3 Big Way Camp the week prior to the 100-Way Camp is ideal. Big Way Camp attendees are given priority for the limited number of slots in the 100-Way Camp. But having participated in other big way events will often provide the same necessary experience.

Each day of the camp you will fly a different slot. You may be diving last out of the left trail plane one day, floating out of right trail the next, and in the base on another. But each day you'll stay in the slot and truly have the opportunity to learn and master that slot!

Depending on subscription, it is possible we don't have 100 jumpers for the camp. But all of the formations will be designed so that you get the full 100-way experience.

After attending the P3 Big Way Camp and 100-Way Camp most jumpers are ready to earn slots on invitationals, records and many of the terrific events put together by great organizers all around the US and the world.