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>> Join P3 in 2017!
  February 23-26 -- 16-60 Way Sequential Event
May 4-7 -- Big Way Camp
May 11-14 -- 100-Way Camp
May 18-21 -- Spring Fling
June 22-25 -- Power Play
October 26-29 -- 16-60 Way Sequential Event [THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED]

Registration for the 2017 events will open in August 2016. For event descriptions, view our Events Calendar.

>> GREAT article "Learning in a Big Way" SkydiveMag.com. A MUST read!
  Learning In A BIG Way

Lesley Gale of SkydiveMag.com has written a fantastic article highlighting the benefits of attending a Big Way Camp. Check it out http://www.skydivemag.com/article/learning-in-a-big-way!

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