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  • The Games 2024
    Starts: October 9th
    Ends: October 12th
    Location: Perris, CA
    Registration Status:
    OPEN (2024-01-06)
  • P3 100-Way Club (Dec 2024)
    Starts: December 28th
    Ends: December 31st
    Location: Perris, CA
    Registration Status:
    OPEN (2024-07-03)

Above All Else

Events Calendar

Here is what P3 has planned for the coming months!

Dates Event Description

Oct-9-2024 to The Games 2024
Oct-12-2024 Perris, CA -- P3 welcomes Patrick Passe' back to Skydive Perris for THE GAMES! Picturesque formations, sequential, multi-level builds, all of it. The plan is to do different jumps each day, maybe even two in a day. We'll have several jumps designed, slotted and numbered. We'll put all the numbers in a hat and draw one out. That's the jump we'll do next! Every time we succeed we'll draw a new jump. For quick briefings, the new skydives will be shared within the group via the SKYDIVE DESIGNER app.

Dec-28-2024 to P3 100-Way Club (Dec 2024)
Dec-31-2024 Perris, CA -- LET'S GO BIG!! The Illinois State Record 250-way is on the calendar for August 2025 and the enthusiasm from jumpers around the world has been strong. Other massive jumps are also in the works. There are several awesome 40-way to 60-way events across Europe and the US. But 250 is 5 times that big, it's huge!! To be ready to see that many airplanes and find your slot through the sea of bodies in the sky you will want (need) to have been on a jump as big as a 100-way and you'll want to have done it recently. The organizers of these events will also want you to have done that. Here's the chance! This is not a camp.

Your organizers are: Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld, Christy Frikken, Larry Henderson, Doug Forth and Gorka Amian.

The Holiday Boogie will be on in full force including DC9 Jet Jumps and a blow out New Year's Eve party!