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Above All Else


Course Description: Join the P3 organizing team as they lead you through a four-day camp structured to enhance and improve your big way skills. You will learn and apply the techniques of diving, floating and base work over the course of approximately 18 jumps.

You will receive training on exit techniques from both right and left trail aircraft, tracking tips, canopy control in large groups, and just about anything else you might have questions about when it comes to 100+ way formations. The proven model the P3 organizers use allows smaller formations, 20 - 40 ways, to duplicate all the jobs, visuals, and responsibilities of a 100+ way formation. This is a "no fault" approach to teaching where you are encouraged to push your limits while learning. Any person aspiring to hold a world record in large formation skydiving, who would like to be on their first 100-way, or who already has experienced the above but wants to brush up on their skills should attend this camp. Quite a few camp participants are repeat attendees --even current World Record Holders attend-- as they find new ways to challenge themselves and learn each time they join the camp.

Your leaders include Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld, Manager of Perris Valley Skydiving, founder of Airspeed, multiple gold medal winner in four and eight way at the World level and organizer of the GO FAST 300-way World Record. Joining Dan are Kate Cooper-Jensen and Tony Domenico, both of whom have been involved with most FS World Record large formation skydives. This includes all the JFTC (Jump for the Cause) Women's World Records. They have also been in leadership positions for the World Team events, including the current World Record 400-Way. Larry Henderson, a WT '02, '04 and '06 captain, TSR captain, and a familiar face from ESA boogies and many other events worldwide also joins the team.